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Supreme Indicator runs on the Powerful TradingView charting platform.

Used by 30M+ traders and investors worldwide.
Direct access to all major stock exchanges, currencies, worldwide indexes and more. From any device, anywhere, in real-time.
A Free Account Is All You Need.
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Supreme Entries And Exits For Your Trades.


Simulated trade signals appear along the top and bottom of your chart.


Our indicator generates a slew of metadata from every chart: Levels, trends, ranges, breakouts, stops, targets and more. 


This data is assembled into two simple signals:  An Entry AND an Exit. 

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Automated Trading Alerts.


Just one alert covers multiple trade criteria including breakouts, ranges, trends, levels, stops and targets.


TradingView provides visual popups, audio signals, email alerts and email-to-sms alerts, and also PUSH notifications that are sent to your phone.

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A Strategy To Fit The Action.


Trade signals adapt to trends and ranges in real-time.


Simulated trade signals automatically adjust to to the best strategy for the current conditions:  Targets and stops for ranges,  strong trends allowed to run, 'exhaustion' exits for breakouts and more.


Color coded trends and ranges give you an instant snapshot of current conditions. 

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Take Your Trading To The Next Level.


Real-time support and resistance levels, for every time frame, will guide your trading.


Support and resistance are where trades are entered and profits taken.  Our algorithm for generating and selecting the most important levels will enhance your trading and keep you informed - even in fast moving markets.

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Simulated Trade


View hypothetical performance of simulated trades in real-time.


Calculating the performance of simulated trades has inherent limitations (see disclaimers and warnings).


Still, you might find it to be a valuable tool for comparing the relative performance over different time frames and conditions.

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