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  • How do I subscribe to Supreme Indicator?
    Answer: Note that this is a FOUR step process for new subscribers: Step 1 - Create your account Create an account with your email and password by signing up for any subscription plan on our pricing page. Step 2 - Payment Enter your payment information to pay for your subscription. (Note: If you did not immediately do this after creating your account, you can do so at any time by selecting a pricing plan as described in Step 1). Step 3 - Email us your TradingView username You MUST send us your TradingView username so that we can grant you access to Supreme Indicator. Send your TradingView username to: and please include the email you subscribed with as well as your name. Step 4 - A short wait A short wait while your username is entered into the TradingView system. You should receive a confirmation email after each step. If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation email, please complete all steps before contacting us at (Sometimes automated email is blocked by your email account). We make every effort to enter your username as quickly as possible and it can take as little as 5 minutes to as long as 12 hours. The timing depends on the time of day in our location. NOTE: In the near future, we will be automating this process for near-instant access. Once you receive the email confirming that access to Supreme Indicator has been granted to your username on the TradingView platform, you can add the indicator to your charts by following these instructions: Open any chart on TradingView. Once the chart is open, click on the “Indicators” dropdown button (or type /). This will open the indicator menu. Look for the "Invite-only scripts" category and click on it. You should now see Supreme Indicator listed. Click on it and Supreme Indicator will be added to your chart.
  • Do you offer a FREE trial?
    Answer: Yes we do! Sign up for a plan on our pricing page and you will have 7 days to try Supreme Indicator for free. After the free trial, you will be charged monthly until canceled.
  • Will Supreme Indicator help me make money trading?
    Answer: Let’s quickly dispel any notion that this indicator (or any indicator) will allow you to “print money”, win every trade or even be profitable. Nope. Never. Going. To. Happen. Please do NOT subscribe to Supreme Indicator if you do not understand or agree with this. We think that Supreme Indicator (SI) has an innovative approach for helping traders of any skill and experience level to become even better traders. We hope you find it to be a very effective tool to have in your trading toolbox.
  • How do I apply a new update for Supreme Indicator?
    Answer: Occasionally, we will release an update for Supreme Indicator. This could include new features and/or bug fixes. To update your charts to the latest version do this: Apply An Update​ Refresh your browser or mobile app. Remove Supreme Indicator from your chart. Add the updated version of Supreme Indicator from your invite-only indicators. The latest version will now appear on your chart. Make sure to save your TradingView layout.
  • I sent my TradingView username, but still no access. What should I do?
    Answer: We make every effort to enter your username as quickly as possible but it can take as long as 12 hours (usually MUCH less). The timing depends on the time of day in our location. If you still do not have access after waiting 12 hours, please contact support and we will get things going for you: NOTE: We always grant an extra day of access at end of every subscription. This free day is intended to make up for any delay that may have occurred at the start of a subscription.
  • What exactly is Supreme Indicator?
    Answer: Supreme Indicator (SI) is a “technical indicator” that we think has an innovative approach for helping traders of any skill and experience level to become even better traders. Supreme Indicator requires you to have an account on the TradingView platform. A FREE account on TradingView is all that you will need. Think of this in the same way that an app for the iPhone requires you to have an iPhone. Both the iPhone and TradingView are incredible platforms and the best indicators in the world are being written for the TradingView charting platform.
  • Q2. Can you explain how the "Trade Direction" settings work?
    Answer: The trade direction settings allow you to specify which type of trades will be allowed in ranges and trends. There are 4 possible settings: Long Only Short Only Both Do Not Trade (Trends or Ranges) For example, if you only wanted to see buy signals that occur with a range, then you would select "Do No Trade Trends" for trends and "Long Only" for ranges.
  • Q1. How do I change the settings of Supreme Indicator?
    Answer: To gain access to the settings panel of Supreme Indicator you will click on a small "gear" icon next to the indicator name on your chart. The icon can be seen in the screen capture below: After clicking the gear icon, you will see the settings window overlayed on your chart:
  • Q3. What is the "Exit Trade Method" setting?
    Answer: There are 3 basic ways that a trade is exited in Supreme Indicator (SI): A stop loss is hit. A target is hit. The trend changes direction The "Exit Trade Method" setting allows you to select which method(s) you would like to use for exiting trades. Stops and targets cause a trade to be terminated (i.e. exited) when the price hits a specific price level. A trend change causes a trade to be exited when the trend changes as follows: Trend changes to bullish from bearish or flat. Trend changes to bearish from bullish or flat. SI automatically determines the stop and target prices as well as the current trend. You need only select which exit method(s) you prefer to use. IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that the exit trade method be set to "Both" which allows Supreme Indicator to select the best method of all 3 automatically.
  • Q1. What is multi-time frame analysis?
    Answer: Multi-time frame analysis is a strategy that many traders employ which, in simple terms, is the process of analyzing a chart in multiple time frames. For example, a larger time frame (e.g. “Daily” chart, where each bar is one DAY) might be used to establish the long term trend and then a smaller time frame (e.g. “30 Minute” chart, where each bar is 30 minutes) will be used to fine tune the trader’s analysis. Supreme Indicator (SI) allows another metric to be added to this strategy. SI makes it easy to determine trends as well as support and resistance levels. Using this information a trader can quickly determine which time frame is most likely to provide useful analysis. An Example The IMX Daily chart shows a series of ‘whipsaws’ which can be very difficult to trade: With Supreme Indicator, a trader can easily zoom out to a WEEKLY chart of IMX which instantly makes it clear that IMX is actually in a long term range. A range like this is much easier to trade:
  • Q1. What does 'ATR' stand for?
    Answer: 'ATR' stand for 'Average True Range'
  • Q3. How do I cancel my subscription?
    Answer: 1) Login to your account on 2) Go to the "My Subscriptions" page 3) Click on your plan and then click the "Cancel Subscription" button/link. 4) Note: After canceling, you will have access to the indicator through the end of the current billing period.
  • Q2. What is a ‘technical indicator’
    Answer: A technical indicator is a visual tool added onto price charts that helps illustrate various aspects of the price action of the underlying stocks. Technical indicators usually pertain to the direction, price action or the momentum of price action. They are usually calculated using various data points relating to time, volume and price. Factors like velocity are a measure of both time and price, whereas moving averages measure mostly price based on a specified time period. Technical indicators are used to interpret and forecast potential price action (ref: Scanz).
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